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  1. Just setup a dedicated 24/7 tekkit lite server with towny basically... No other mods as of now (any suggestions are welcomed) only mystcraft will be limited to 1 dimension, which will be publicly available and which will be destroyed and remade every week with suggestions from the community. I am looking for about 3-4 dedicated players, GMT time, about 4pm till midnight, anytime during that time. your friends are welcome but limit is 10 max for any given time. My server cant handle more than 10 without ridiculous lag lol... Plus I like to build with a Community and have fun while messing about. So please, do PM here or skype @ salehsamee and when you add me write tekkit lite in the message. The server is up and running as of now p.s. total survival... no kits, or freebies, no ops... no World edditted server structures... just plain survival tekkit :)