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  1. Heh, Nuclear Boilers were Admin'd into existence.
  2. I can make fissile fuel rods but they won't craft into nukes :c
  3. Bump. It's pretty serious that nukes seem uncraftable, so if anyone knows the new recipe then please share it otherwise I'll have to take it to the bugs report forum if this is indeed unintended and the recipe still wands ye olde refined uranium maybe?
  4. Seems I can't make nukes anymore from the ICBM mod. I've tried surrounding thermobaric bombs with breeder uranium, enriched uranium and fissile fuel rods and no dice. Is it something else now or should I take this to the bugs report forum?
  5. Actually we tried it and it worked. Sure, it took like several minutes for it to arrive but they really do live up to the IC part in ICBM. :D
  6. Our base is about 2000 blocks from another player's base. Chunks inbetween are not loaded. Can we fire our missiles upon him successfully? It's a T3 launcher so range is 9999 blocks if I remember correctly.