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  1. how do i post my server on the technic server addvertising places or how do i get suffishent privlges
  2. i fucking hate who ever did thsi to my profile and i just want help thats what the forums is for but the admins just make fun of me fuck u
  3. and if you want group manager just search it in Google groupmanager and it should have the towny perms ready set up but you will have to make the builder one defult
  4. u need a permission plugin like group manager
  5. some times it just doesnt port to that computer if yoy go onto your network map then cheak if your computer is on there if not you cant port foward on that computer
  6. ive tried to get towny and lots of plugins to work but none of my friends can build/mine in the wild or even eat please help
  7. where can i download the essentials groupmanager on bukkit i cant find it
  8. i would be fine with the permissions to be so that every one can use all commands but i dont even know how to do that
  9. is groupmanger in the essentials plugin? or do you download it form bukkit
  10. can any one help me with my permission i installed the factions plugin and now none of my friends can make one without op
  11. ive found out how to get 1.2.5 plugins form the bukkit website now so