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  1. Hello, I recently upgraded to 0.6.5 after not playing for a month or so. My friends and I played for months on my server running 0.6.1, but now they are unable to connect to my server. I don't know what happened and I've tried everything. The proper port is open, and I just launch the server and it used to work, now it doesn't! Any ideas? I've tried resetting router, opening other ports, etc. Nothing seems to work.
  2. Sorry, I'm very new to Tekkit. Which railcraft file are you talking about?
  3. Hello, I'm trying to install RailCraft on my 0.5.7 Tekkit Lite Server and Client. I've searched throughout this forum and know that it's possible, just haven't seem to found instructions on how to do it. Can anyone tell me how to install RailCraft back on to Tekkit Lite? Sorry if I missed the installation instructions somewhere!