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  1. Server is closed. Has been switched to YogCraft available in the FeedTheBeast launcher.
  2. VPS conversion has been successful login and try out the battle for yourself!
  3. Unfortunetly the VPS trial has run out, and I had to switch VPs. The server will be available on the new IP of: once it is ready.
  4. Nothing I can do, probably bad connection to the VPS. I do not monitor it, as I have things to attend to. Enjoy the server.
  5. Server IP: Server rules: Enjoy the server, Dont whine when ur shit is destroyed, dont sit and camp at spawn to kill peope. Voltz pack Changes: No changes have been taken other than a few plugins,(LSW) they simply allow players to protect their machines, and chests when offline simply do /cprivate name Commands: /cprivate name..., /cremoveall, /f create (Creates your factions) Restrictions: Antimatter explosives, Red-matter explosives and hypersonic explosives are disabled Information: Made the server for some friends but decided to open it up. Everyone is playing fair, even myself(Well depends if you call raiding fair haha) The server is usually up all the time (VPS), but may go down for abit for maintenance and plugins. Anyone can join, as long as they dont spam the chat about whining or they will be banned. Enjoy the server, if you spam me or ask for admin etc I will ignore you as I even play fair without spawning/creative as its been disabled by a plugin.
  6. Bump, more people have been joining but still a few slots to fill. Fixed some lag at home. There was a shitload of enderchests spawning under the ground for whatever reason.
  7. Slots have been changed to 10. Factions have been created, and I am still looking for staff.
  8. Factions plugin has been added by request. LWC plugin has been removed in return. I will be looking for Staff in the next couple days.
  9. bump Starter has been fixed. Also if somone brings a friend both players are rewarded 1 Emerald to spend.
  10. 1.1.3[The latest development build] A starter has been implemented at the spawn since no plugins seem to work.