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  1. OK I'm getting worried, yesterday at about 11:00 PM the server was on, now its not. What's going on here!
  2. IGN: stormman09 Location: Texas, U.S.A Age: 13 Skype: Stormman09 Why do you want to join: I am tired of playing this mod pack on my own, and I like playing with other people to have support when I ask questions. How experienced are you at the mods: I have played with mods 2 months after I started playing Minecraft and I loved them ever since, but I still love vanilla nonetheless and I seem to be quite experienced at all of the mods that are out there. What mod are you best at: I am good with Witchery, Tinkerers Construct, GalacticCraft, Thermal Expansion, a little of MFR, and lots on Necromancy.
  3. Wondering were you are waiting for another post



  4. Oh yeah I forgot I would probably be a mod or a admin on the server sorry for not putting that in.
  5. Name: stormman09 I would like to be called :Storm or Legion I have good intelligence with minecraft and many of the mods in tekkit except Railcraft and some others. I don't have a microphone. I wouldn't want to release my voice out to people but I can type fast. About me: Im 12 years old (yes you heard 12 -.-) I enjoy creating buildings and automated machines but not so good with redstone but I know some things. I live in Texas U.S,im funny,clever,creative and a bit cold hearted but not always mean. Intelligent conversations man I can but I don't spell well so don't count on that. I enjoy the atmosphere of tekkit it self how you shape the world with machines,magic and automated circuitry. My job in tekkit is to feed the world with stew and get a large profit because of it. I can play about 5-6 hrs a week all the time on weekends I get along fairly well with others as long as the play by the rules and respect others. I love small servers because they soon become lager over time with more players. Now for the serious stuff I don't like how some servers ban all the cool items from the server because many people cant handle them correctly, therefore creating griefers and some such. so that completely wraps up my view I would be happy to join your server :D