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  1. OK I'm getting worried, yesterday at about 11:00 PM the server was on, now its not. What's going on here!
  2. IGN: stormman09 Location: Texas, U.S.A Age: 13 Skype: Stormman09 Why do you want to join: I am tired of playing this mod pack on my own, and I like playing with other people to have support when I ask questions. How experienced are you at the mods: I have played with mods 2 months after I started playing Minecraft and I loved them ever since, but I still love vanilla nonetheless and I seem to be quite experienced at all of the mods that are out there. What mod are you best at: I am good with Witchery, Tinkerers Construct, GalacticCraft, Thermal Expansion, a little of MFR, and l
  3. Wondering were you are waiting for another post



  4. Oh yeah I forgot I would probably be a mod or a admin on the server sorry for not putting that in.
  5. Name: stormman09 I would like to be called :Storm or Legion I have good intelligence with minecraft and many of the mods in tekkit except Railcraft and some others. I don't have a microphone. I wouldn't want to release my voice out to people but I can type fast. About me: Im 12 years old (yes you heard 12 -.-) I enjoy creating buildings and automated machines but not so good with redstone but I know some things. I live in Texas U.S,im funny,clever,creative and a bit cold hearted but not always mean. Intelligent conversations man I can but I don't spell well so don't count on that.
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