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  1. unfollowed, your now the only one on this thread
  2. also why reply to this now? months after the servers closure... this topic is dead and the only reason I saw this is because im set up to receive emails on posts to my threads, no one else will see this or even care if they do, you failed.
  3. well done, bravo, you contributed in ruining something for everyone else... you relise that thats no achievment right? its just selfish and immature, your a child. go do some finger painting or something.
  4. iv hit many a bump and kept going, the constant breaking of anti grief, people crashing the server every fucking day, alot of things not working and server side issues that where crippling the server and if i'm honest i'm bored of it all and its not worth me paying out good money for this if people are just gonna give me shit everyday. the fact is that i got alot of shit going on in my life right now, i'm really not well. This server is coursing me nothing but grief and making things worse. i already miss the server and miss u guys but there where just too many of you purposely making it hard for me to warrant future attempts at sorting the server out... i tried, i tried allot but it just felt like most of you just didn't want it... so thats why the server has been shut down, don't blame me, blame the people who where fucking it all up
  5. and it took a month to set up because of loads of problems with permissions and factions etc, loads of problems one after the other and you just don't care, as long as im paying for the server why would you ay?
  6. ok right..... iv made this server and sooo many people have loved it, then beople like ben come along and fuck it up for everyone, i only shut down the server once all the other time was people crashing it every day without fail, i have been telling eveyone on the server to stop breaking faction protection and spawn and just generaly screwing up the server and ruining it for other players, but noooo jj knows best. server is now no longer public and my place being griefed isnt the reason for it, its just the cherry on the top.
  7. ok server is down until futher notice due to that obviously being what the people want
  8. Hey guys sorry for the wait on the reply. Server is not actually white listed at the moment so feel free to join, I will announce on here if I will make it whitelisted
  9. errrm un archive your voltz server onto your desktop (or where ever) and then run it
  10. thats with worldedit in aswell but tried it without first, neither worked
  11. https://copy.com/WsRglHTvPwy4 <that work?
  12. they can do everything in the players permissions but only that i.e. cant break blocks, open chests or eat etc
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