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  1. I love this server. It's nice to have an open server, and Tekkit is great for build undetectable bases. Thank you for making this available to the public.
  2. IGN: codedJB Age: 17 Experience with Tekkit: I started Tekkit way back when Tekkit Classic was called "Tekkit". I loved the machines that IndustrialCraft and RedPower added, and I was disappointed when the updates stopped for Classic. I decided to try Tekkit again, when school ended, and I fell in love with the new mods. How long you have been playing for: I've been playing the "new" Tekkit for about 3 months now. What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): My absolute favorite mod would have to be Mystcraft, I love how I can create worlds with a bit of ink and paper, and have almost every specification as I want it. I'm also pretty good with Buildcraft and Thermal Expansion, they cover what was lost with the removal of IndustrialCraft and Redpower. Before Tekkit, I pretty much played Minecraft for the redstone, so I'm pretty good with it, I can make Castle Gates, hidden doors, and a variety of security systems for bases. Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I like to help people understand the new Tekkit, as I understand how it can be difficult to start using the new Tekkit without help. I also try to be courteous and patient with my fellow man (or woman), as I'd expect myself to be treated in the same manner.
  3. In Game Name: codedJB Age:16 How long you've been playing Tekkit: I played a year a go, back when Classic was still just plain Tekkit (And that was right up until Tekkit Classic stopped updating). Loyalty to Servers 1-10: 8 Tekkit Talents: None. (It's so much different than before.) I understand the rules, and if i break them I will be unwhitelisted without hesitation
  4. Server's version is 1.0.13, the newest I could get it. The whitelist is no longer up, you may join at will.
  5. Lachlan, in the Technic launcher you have to go into options, and set it to 1.0.13. (Manual Build Select)
  6. Rule #1 is, No Spam. Your harassment qualified as spam. I wanted to end the entire situation peacefully, but some parties continued to interrupt uninvited (Spam), and the Administrator and I were tired of dealing with the issue. Rest assured, the problem has been fixed.
  7. Kobe, you were banned for harassing other players, you were given a second chance. All you had to do was not stop typing. I was dealing with the issue. However, you persisted, and your second chance was used up. We banned you on the server, not the plugin (Whose rules you are referencing). Also, you will be un-banned, as well as John and Joker, tomorrow. Whether or not you choose to comeback is your own decision, to made at your own discretion. This is your Final Warning.
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