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  1. so what how do i edit the class files? and yes disconsented i do know how to program!
  2. so i got the source decompiled it and now it has a bunch of errors i cant do them if someone can send me a video then i would be grateful thanks:)
  3. Now i don't know if this is in the right place if it isn't please can someone move it too the right place. i have been curious these last few days how the Technic platform has a different appearance than vanilla Minecraft. The whole of today i have been busy trying to change my appearance from boring old Minecraft appearance to a medieval theme. all i got was a different logo at the start up off the app and a different background that was explained in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JFwHXzhO_E not really like the Technic platform. i am good at coding and i want to have different Minecraft appearance like Technic but medieval style. it would be great if i was given a video but a written method can be good too. i would also like to add more options like downloadable jars for modpacks. thanks if you can help me :D
  4. i have made my modpack from the offical guide on technic i used forge added my mods got perms from the modpack creators. now all i need is to host it and i have tryed dropbox and google drive but it wont work for some reason so then i redid all my work i sent a copy through skype and it worked but manually i want to do it by putting the platform url and it downloads. i have got everything but a hoster plus i dont have a website that has a download module because webs doesnt have one neither does enjin (well i dont thing :/.)
  5. i have a good modpack just i need my pack to go to my friends so they could play on it
  6. right i created my modpack.jar put all my forge for my minecraft 1.4.6 i got the mods i had before and the core mods then i got the bin folder, mods, coremods and config folder and made a .zip file then i put the folders in it hosted it on dropbox put the modpack .zip url into were it says to then i got rid of my pack off my computer and tested it and still wont work just come as normal minecraft forge wont be downloaded or the mods and coremods plese help me
  7. i created my modpack and i removed it and tested to see if it loads forge and mods and it doesnt i would love some help my modpack doesnt have the modpack.jar thing i put forge into the minecraft.jar file if you could tell me what im doing wron i would thank you
  8. i have created a modpack and me and my friends wanna play together on it so we were thinking how do you make my modpack a server my modpack modloader is forge and i use all my mods for forge if anyone can help me i would be very greatful thx dylan53