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  1. Been wanting a Hexxit server with true freedom? Look no farther this is it. There is no rules, no staff*(only those who manage the files is what I meant by this), nothing that can prevent you from using everything fully. We aren't a server for players who want all their stuff protected or their hand guided through everything. I'm looking for players who can actually use their brain. IP: We use bukkit and have several plugins such as EnderChestPlus, mcMMO, mmSupernaturals ,NETFire ,and many more. Even though there are no rules this does not excuse you from being a complete moron. *I do not want staff period. Banned Item: Meteor shield, Does not work causes server to crash. We're working on fixing this. More on the no staff thing: There is no adminstrators, Instead there is a select few "Gods" that you can make offerings to for something in exchange or gain the favor in battle and so on.
  2. I can agree on this, I used to use 4-5gb till I learned that 2gb of ram was all I needed, Minecraft weirded out less after this.
  3. All I got were those annoying space cats that keep ruining the landscape.
  4. Can anybody explain how the electric pumps works and how I would use it to pump liquids out or in a dynamic tank. So no one has a clue? Really? I just want to know how. On an unrelated note How do I get the electrical engine to work?
  5. So much crap that your mind had a craplosion.
  6. So the point is that the creator of Railcraft is an ass? If so Meh.
  7. It wasn't the carts that I liked but the boilers and steam engines.
  8. Woo Minecraft.

  9. Thanks I'll look into the Mekansim stuff.
  10. What has a suitable replacement for Railcraft's Iron/steel tanks.
  11. Oh thanks for the info and any reason to why?
  12. Will Railcraft be added in the future or was it removed due to some conflict or something of the sort? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  13. Can you whitelist me on the server my IGN is Nucl3arMoos3 Thanks

    1. DominicW


      Would perfer if you message me or make a post on the topic instead of my profile page. Also accepted.
  14. What is strange is that it just suddenly became a problem. Would Reinstalling help?
  15. After a few hours or even 30 minutes of playing Voltz (ver 1.0.11) It will use up all my ram (8gb). Is this whats called a memory leak and can it be prevented? Just realized I posted in the wrong place I think, Mod/Admin Remove this if you want.