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  1. OS: Indows 7 64-bit home hosted server Java version: 7 update 25 Tekkit lite version: 0.6.5 direct from official website. (also tried with 0.6.1 with equal results) BukkitForge version: multiple versions of 1.4.7 builds attempted. current build is 245 as it was discovered treecapitator has problems with build 246 and up What did you add to the basic tekkit lite folders? bukkitforge inside the coremods folder, essentials and worldedit (version 5.5.5 at the moment) inside the plugins folder made in the root folder The problems: Server starts normally. Nothing from essentials and worldedit shows up or is usable in game. Every World edit command returns "Unknown command. Try /help for a list of commands." /help returns the following: ban, ban-ip, banlist, buildcraft help, ccdebug help, clear, cofh, debug, defaultgamemode, delete_all_links, delete_dim_data, delete_rifts, deop, difficulty, dimanc, ee3, enchant, f, freq help, gamemode, gamerule, give, help, kick, kill, list, logisticspipes help, me, myst-agebook, myst-create dimId, myst-permissions, myst-toggleworldinstability, namesculpture, op, pardon, pardon-ip, prune_pocket_dims, save-all, save-off, save-on, say, seed, spawnpoint, stop, tell, time, time, toggledownfall, tp, tpx, weather, whitelist, xp /plugins returns an unknown command trying various builds of bukkitforge does nothing im stuck trying to figure this out :/
  2. the sprinting doesn't work at all but the flight does, however it is buggy. Sometimes requiring a relog to begin working. Also the explosion power doesn't work correctly either. it only removes one block at a time around the user. In fact. To make it easy, I've been compiling a list of gem armor bugs I've encountered so far. - The Abyss helmet will still allow the wearer to breath underwater, yet when oxygen runs out it begins making odd sounds similar to drowning (not sure if intentional). -The Infernal Armor's lava protection is flawless yet as mentioned above, the explosion power NEVER produces a crater. It merely removes one block at a time. -The Gravity Greaves' force field effect works well enough, however there have been instances where mobs could still get close enough to do damage. -The Hurricane Boots prevent fall damage flawlessly. The flight power is buggy and slow sometimes. The toggle for the movement abilities on the boots doesn't actually "toggle" anything regularly and is buggy at best, sometimes requiring a wearer to leave and re-enter the server to activate the powers. -ALL pieces of the Dark Matter, Red Matter, and Gem Armor sets do NOT provide ANY damage protection whatsoever from hostile mobs. I have confirmed that players are one shot by creepers in any of the sets both when wearing mixed armor sets and complete sets. -Tests were ran over both LAN and internet connections on both the localhost and external connections/players producing matching results consistently. Let me know if you need any other info. There are no logs available since there is no error occurring that is recorded in said logs. Server is being run on a 64 bit machine running Java 1.7.0_03 on Windows 7 EDIT: Tekkit server version is 2.1.1 Launcher version is
  3. I also have this exact problem. A friend and I individually tested each armor set inside a bedrock arena and, sure enough, one shot each time. The abilities work fine enough but the armor is apparently non-existent.