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  1. This is a tekkit lite server that is so fun great peopel great staff no drma, respectful staff, and A teamspeak server! Were doing a special right now to the next 20 players who join will get $3000 and 12 diamonds, and a nano suit helmet, and a limited time rank! play.terratekkit. is the server ip and to the website! terratekkit.ddns.net is our teamspeak feel free to join. Hope to see you ther PLEASE JOIN!
  2. We are A fun and nice server, We like to help like to have fun, we have respective staff, and a great community, we need the players, really badly. Banned items ====> Nuke. Rules Respect Staff, No griefing, No raiding, No Cursing, HAVE FUN. Our website is. http/Terratekkit.com Our teamspeak is,terratekkit.ddns.net Remember HAve fun, And we hope to see you, Note:Next 10 players get Alot of items.
  3. is any thing else that We could use cause we tried that but it wont work
  4. I have a server I play on and we need a plugin that bans items, Does anyone know any good ones? for 1.4.7
  5. We are a FUN community, We need players donators, we have skypes, Teamspeak is coming soon, next 10 players who join a gets a special reward, The only item banned is the NUKE. Now we are making Lets plays for the server soon, We need support, If u bring players in you get rewarded, We will be giving away stuff such as steam cards and such, SO PLEASE, stop by at terratekkit.hosthorde.net PLEASE JOIN, We need players, We are active, REMEMBER next 10 players get a reward, Heres our website terratekkit.com
  6. We are a 1 month old server, We need players, donators, Staff, We have all sorts of fun, Only Nukes and mine turtles are banned! We do giveaways, rewards, We are getting teamspeak, We are starting youtube lets plays. If you bring players in and they stay you get a reward. We are honest, Theres no drama, no griefing, (Survival) (Pvp) (Bukkit) (Grief Protection) If caught griefing you will be banned for a week. IP IS, terratekkit.hosthorde.net If you have any questions contact me on skype, CountryChris, Gamer
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