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  1. IGN:Havick1988 Age:13 why gearz?:First whitlisted server.Possably only server that i wont get spawn killed at with Balkans weapons. what do i want to build?:A powersuit factory on the moon if possible and a space station.
  2. This server sucks. evreyone seems to hate me. evreyone seems to spawnkill me. evreyone says for me to go to hell.....The server is laggy....the admins/mods dont help at all they make things worse. and the people on the server are terable unfrendly people that spawnkill you with battleaxes for no reason. no one join this server.
  3. When i try to launch a mod pack of any type it loads then all of a sudden it posts an error saying Stack Trace: Exception: IOException Message: Failed to download Minecraft! Pack: lapitos-galacticraft Minecraft version: 1.4.7 Trace: org.spoutcraft.launcher.util.MinecraftDownloadUtils.downloadMinecraft(MinecraftDownloadUtils.java:93) org.spoutcraft.launcher.UpdateThread.updateMinecraft(UpdateThread.java:319) org.spoutcraft.launcher.UpdateThread.runTasks(UpdateThread.java:123) org.spoutcraft.launcher.UpdateThread.run(UpdateThread.java:108) i have no idea how this happened it worked the other day. i checked the mc website and it was still on line i even runed vanila to see if it had the same error it never happend i think it has to deal with the new 1.5 update. i have no idea whats going on hear if a mod desides to read this try and fix the launcher or give me ideas on how to fix the error report the error above was the lastest one i tryed all mod packs frome tekkit classic to h/m none of them worked not even the vanila option of the launcher