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  1. whenever I load up a custom modpack on the Technic launcher it loads all the mods but as so as it pops up and say setting up forge environment then it says fatal error on FML I don't know want to do
  2. mo creatures 5.0.7/8 is fir 1.5.1 but your trying to install it for 1.4.7 easy enough
  3. ok first of all you need gui api and custom spawner gui api goes into coremod other goes into mod mo creatures goes into mod folder and you have the wrong version of it 5.0.7 is for 1.5.1
  4. its on any modpack that dosent belong to technic btw i have 3g of ram on my pc
  5. i load up certain modpacks but as soon as the window opens it goes white the disappears
  6. stop rollplayig faggots and go away i reported you 10 times each now
  7. reported 5 time each so go away
  8. shut the helll up and stop spamming me
  9. Well it starts like this goto your %appdata% then click roaming then .minecraft after you have to see if the mods go in coremods mods or jar like minecraft forge goes to jar
  10. I have my pc as a os on the latest windows and with 3g of ram i make my tekkit run on to with 0.40g of ram left over but then it say out of memory