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  1. Bump.I know many of you hate doing permissions,but i tried 100 times and i can't get them to work,all i ask is to allow ppl using /tpa and chopping trees with choptree2,i already have everything setup,just need a few lines typed so i can copy them to permissions.yml
  2. Basically,i am a noob,and i installed choptree2 and teleportsuite on my server i use with my friends,and the problem is that normal players cant use /tpa or choptree isn't working with them unless they are op.I can't just op them cause they will cheat,and i need help with setting permissions up.I've tried permissionsex and what not else,but i just can't make them right,i am too noob to do it.If anyone can type me a few rows how it should look liek so non op players can use choptree and /tpa,i will be so grateful,i really need help with that.
  3. So,basically what i am trying to do is to merge 2 texture packs,and by merging i mean adapting 1st one to tekkit by using sphax tekkit textures.(Not sure if i can do this,but here is the link) I want to adapt this to tekkit by using,but i simply don't know how to,if anyone can help me make this and have a great peace of artwork and a better texture pack,i would be very grateful. edit: I don't want you guys to merge these 2 and just give them to me,i want help in which programs do i use to adapt and before everything,open the pack to be able to edit it