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  1. Like on the keyboard? Well I tried it with lowercase, uppercase, SHIFT o, CAPSLOCK o, zero, and they all didn't work.
  2. When I open my inventory in the This Is War modpack, which has NEI enabled, there is no NEI interface or even a sign that the mod is loaded, but in the config files it says that the mod is enabled and it is not hidden. How do I fix the problem so that I can get some crafting recipes?
  3. thats a great one im gonna take notes It's too bad that Yo Mama is too stupid to write.
  4. YO MAMA is so fat, and I mean SOOOOOO fat, that on a chart the only Mamal bigger than the largest type of whale is her
  5. HAHAHA. No. not funny at all
  6. srsly though, just read the words in my pic and then look at the stuff in the background
  7. Make a random post to show your picture.
  8. ok thanks and btw i just forgot to put in a comma
  9. see if he draged it into the trash bin on your desktop or accidentaly hit the "Delete" button
  10. when i try to select the version of minecraft i want to use but even though Version 1.5 came out on 3/13/13 and this is posted on 3/14/13 and the selection says that the latest version is 1.4.7 Please help. I dont nescesarily want a fix, just an answer or explanation.
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