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  1. If you could delete my forum login completely that would be great. I think you guys gave me the answer I needed though. Have a good one Jay
  2. FTB= Feed the beast. They just released a mod pack very similar to tekkit. DNS has been out for awhile. you'll have to google it.
  3. Competition is good. MERIKA! Tekkit/Technic used to have a monopoly on the minecraft modpack and its because they did it the best. Remember the first one through is usually the bloodiest which lead the way to make things easier for FTB and DNS. I've been reading a lot of discussions on which one is the best. I'm starting a new server once Eloraam releases the new redpower and wanted to open up a educated conversation on which one would be better for a small group of friends(7-8 people). FTB looks like a shiny new toy, but tekkit has been doing it much longer, and DNS well... they are l
  4. Oh I'm completely joking. Refer to my old post begging for tekkit 3: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/tekkit-ruins-lives.9032/ I try and limit my minecraft play to just a couple of nights a week or else I do get overly obsessed.
  5. Dear Technic/tekkit creators, After almost a year of playing Tekkit I have finally become bored with the mod pack, making my social and family life non existent. I go to work in the morning looking like I've been on a 3 day binge, but in fact I just wanted to finish my redpower airship so I could bomb my best friends base. My place looks like a war zone and in fact I think I see a pizza box in the corner from when I had a Superbowl party back in January. I've gained 50 pounds, my girlfriend left me, and I haven't see my dog in weeks. Now I'm ready to fix my life. I'm ready to lose
  6. Ok I did not mean to send people into a fight about all this. But for those of us that would like to stay up to date, here is a link to which mods have been ported: http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=CraftBukkit_Ported_Mods And from my understanding it doesn't even make sense for the tekkit team to start working on a new version until all the tekkit mods have this port. But like I said in my last post I bet donations to these modders will give them more motivation to get these up to date.
  7. I can understand people's frustration in why Tekkit has not been updated in so long, but I do NOT understand this mess! Is there a page where we can see the progress of mods being updated to 1.4 and mods converted to craftbukkit? Maybe that would help people understand why the tekkit team has to wait so long? and keep us educated. Also maybe if we threw out more donations to all these modders they would have more drive to work on their projects we love so much... Just a thought
  8. Oh yeah I learned the hard way, and should of listened to your advice early on. So far I have been able to add MoCreatures to my server. I can now understand why you guys have most likely waited to add these. Do you guys run any additional mods to tekkit on your private servers? Anything work well that's worth adding(that may not be ready for tekkit)?
  9. I'm mostly pissed off he locked the thread. It tells me he's a person that won't listen to reason.
  10. SirSengir Sorry, not going to happen. Manual installation is still possible.
  11. I removed it because he locked my thread. It basically said we love your work and you should at least talk about allowing Tekkit to have Forestry. Stop hurting your fans(but in a nice way) and let the past be the past
  12. I missed most of the forum posts about it when it was going down. I posted on the buildcraft forestry forum and got a reply instantly from Sir Sengir today. From his reply I can tell you I went from being a fan of Forestry to never wanting to use it ever again just out of spite.
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