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  1. Sorry guys, but i dont have time to make modpacks anymore. luke can take over this thread if he wants though
  2. pick anyone! but jkfsdbvkf has been waiting a while
  3. ok grrx, here's the pack on dropbox: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/kwxwbuqxl7wyhyq/grrxpack.jar?token_hash=AAEYHi72WfQoFNb-4ys5sVP3dtglyPdoNU2gdZ18DcfwFA&dl=1 ok can you un-hide it so that i can test it please. i'm in UK time zone BTW, that's why i'm not answering you straight away sorry but im trying to make a server work with my own modpack at the moment. Merged 4 posts: Learn to edit mkay?
  4. grrx, good news! I've got your mod pack working, but unfortunately modular powersuits and mekanisms wont work with it. would you like me to upload it, or send it to you so that you can publish it yourself?
  5. kurayn, have you posted your pack on technicpack.net?
  6. thanks for the replies, ill try to make a few of these
  7. I've recently created my own mod pack and wouldn't mind helping others. Stuff i need to know: name of pack mods would you like to base it on a previous mod pack (etc tekkit, volts, yogbox) thanks
  8. I clicked on single player and i saw this... https://www.dropbox.com/s/1omhzjns7981wmx/Untitled2.png
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