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  1. So I flew upward and started destroying blocks to get to the top and guess what I found? Mother fucking nether coal in the roof between 118 and 125. (The nether is 128 tall after all when standing on the bedrock that is the roof.) So I say change the value of the minimums and youll get your spawns. Especially since now that I think about it I know that nether Diamonds are supposed to spawn below 20. So try it. Its worth a shot right?
  2. Im going to check 1. How tall the nether is then, 2. If changing that value will have any effect, assuming the nether is indeed 128 blocks tall.
  3. I'm pretty new with all this stuff (got minecraft two days ago) but that does not look right to me
  4. So can you find nether ores in the dimensions opened by the doors? Or are they just gone altogether? I tried deleting the dimensional doors mod and then creating a new instance of tekkitlite in multimc hoping that I would find ores in my nether, but that was not the case. Personally I would much rather have nether ores than have pocket dimensions. Can you help me?
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