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  1. Well my Rig of 8 combustion engines were doing a fine job of running my refinery and quarry, up until they all suddenly blew up this afternoon. Still picking through the rubble and trying to figure out what happened, maybe my pumps failed or my energy cell got full up and the engines were building up heat? Anyway I had to stop quarry and refinery production for now, probably gonna rebuild a new combustion plant, this time with autarchic gates set up to stop the engines when the cell is full?
  2. Ah I see! I've begun the process of converting my piping to TE pipes, which was quite hard in the beginning cause TE's material requirements can get pretty obscure... Currently I've set up an oil refinery rig. The refinery's output is phased to a large tank in my power station, and the fuel is then used to power a pair of combustion engines that are phased to power the refinery. I've connected a further two combustion engines to the fuel tank, and their output is routed into a redstone energy cell, and from there the power is routed to my various TE machinery. In the long term I'd like to
  3. wow that ticks vs packets thing is pretty hard to grasp.. I shall go read the IC wiki. Do gates actually improve the efficiency of my setup? As far as I can tell they would only function to turn off the lava supply when its not being used, but seeing as Magmatic Engines don't explode regardless, do such gates have any efficiency or safety function? I shall replace my conductive pipes for gold ones, after which I guess the main focus will be to finish another 4 magmatic engines to power my quarry at close to full speed, after which I'll go into building the TE machinery. I find BC so mu
  4. Hey all, brand new player to tekkit here, need some general guidance. First off, I'm not too sure of the behaviour of the various forms of power. In real life, electricity has both a current and a voltage, but the tekkit power systems of course don't have this. Do the various power systems then act in the same was current does, or in the same way voltage does? For instance: In this situation, if you imagine the bottom branch of the Y shaped cable is receiving a power input of 32EU/t from a batbox, what will the power output be from each of the two top branches? 16EU/t each? or 32
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