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  1. First of all. I don't even know you and i never saw you. If i had to take a guess what happened, id say some one had a powersuit and probably used a safari net. Everyone on the server can vouche for the fact that i've NEVER done anything to anyone. I don't give people informatin on other people, i dont do pretty much anything. I'm sorry that you had a rough time when joining, but that is the risk you take, But to say that I had anything to do with it is just rude. As for the server being down, i think its the safari nets that are crashing it, but i'm not sure.
  2. I appreciate the feed back crzy, but lil is correct that its not really spawn camping unless you are actually IN spawn. You had every ability to run away. As I've told everyone, this is not an easy server. If you don't like getting killed and such, this probably isn't the server for you. The purpose of this server is freedom. A hierarchy will emerge eventually. The way it was with the last map, lil was on top. He kept shutting people down, and no one attempted to get him back. But i digress. It's not spawn camping if you decide to run to the guy knowing he has the ability to kill you.
  3. Something happened and i can't run the server. it crashes immediatly. Too many nukes? I may have to do a map wipe.
  4. Mystcraft will never be disabled. Everyone always disables it and it is quite the fun mod.
  5. IP: So I'm not very good at this so ill keep it basic. Hi, I'm Izzie. I spent forever looking for a server that was up 24/7 (or close to it) with minimal lag and nothing banned. I couldn't really find one though so I decided to start my own. To start, nothing is banned. The whole point of tekkit, atleast to me, is to do whatever you want, and I will do as little as possible to affect that. Although I have essentials installed, there is no sethome, tpa, or protection. Why? Because tekkit provides all of these already. They give you means to fly, teleport, and protect yourself through the use of force fields and safes. They are there for that very reason. Because of this, there is no limit to how much space you can take up, however, you better have the resources to protect it. With that said, here are the rules: 1. Don't exploit. I hate it. You hate it. Everyone hates it. Just don't do it. 2. Don't ask me to spawn you stuff. I won't even spawn myself stuff and I'm sure I like myself more than i like you. The only time I will spawn stuff is in cases of extreme circumstances where the server decides to eat something. Anything else, it won't happen. 3. Don't pretend to be an admin. You are not. I have 0 tolerance for this rule. Don't allude to it, and don't try to push it. You will not win. 4. Although pvp is allowed, don't spawn camp. If my chat fills up with how you killed some one 50 times, I'm going to get frustrated. Other than that you are free to do whatever you want. This means you can lie, steal, raid, quietly mine, and build whatever you want. With that said, come on and play =) Edit: it is bordered to a 2k x 2k and -2k x -2k with borderguard on the overworld, this does not apply to myst worlds. IP:
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