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  1. Yeah i know could u help me patch it on my server? add me on skype cyber.boss12 thanks.
  2. Hey they caleb joel get tekkit restrict http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tekkit-restrict/ and tekkit customizer http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tekkitcustomizer/ Here is my tekkit customizer banned item list: TekkitCustomizer: ProtectSurfaceFromExplosives: true RemoveUUMatterToNonRenewableItemRecipes: true EnforcementWorlds: - future - future_the_end - future_nether Bans: UsageBanned: - 27585:2:Divining Rod III:Makes mining trivial, undermining the server economy. - 27526:*:Philosopher's Stone:Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in
  3. The alchemy dupe is back! So basicly what you do to do the dupe is you put your items in a alchemy chest, (this only works on servers with teleport time) then you type something like /spawn and in those 3 or what ever seconds you go into that chest GUI and you do not take the item out until you are at /spawn. Once at spawn take out the items and then go back to the chest and another set of items will be there aswell. Thus that is a dupe. I have tested with other EE items and i Belive it works with condensers aswell. Yes i know this isn't in the right section sorry. hope there is a fix
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