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  1. IP: ukxcraft.mchost.org minecraft tekkit 2.1 server Owners: Hayhaycrusher MylesAbraham DominicJack You Can Earn And Buy Ranks http://xmchgamerzx.weebly.com/ Please Donate to help us make the server youtube and the enjoyment for you. Thanks For Helping Us! Donator Tiers: Tier 1: [$]Donator: £2 - £10 Tier 2: [$$]Donator: £12 - £25 Tier 3: [$$$]Donator: £27+ What Each Tier Gets: Tier 1: [$]Donator: You will get: Access to tpa Access to the Rubber tree farm in spawn Access to another part of the shop Access to another Kit: /kit one Ask Owners/ Admins to protect your things! Tier 2: [$$]Donator You will get: Everything that Tier 1 gets Kit: /kit two Access to the factory in spawn Join server when it is full Tier 3 [$$$]Donator You will get Everything Tier 1 - 2 get Also access to tp Kit: /kit three Terms And Conditions Here at MCHGamerz we do NOT offer any money back. So please be aware when Buying a Rank or Donating Tekkit Supported By Iongaming