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  1. Your Age: 29 Country: USA Reason why you should pick me: Well i am a mature experienced minecrafter with almost every tech mod though your list does have a few i have never got around to learning. and proficient with most magic mods. i am also smart enough to use google to figure out what i am doing wrong when trying to learn new mods. i am 29 years old have a full time job and a family. i have a 6 year old son who loves to see what i build in MC but i DO NOT let him play on my computer so you dont have to worry about him getting on the server. The way i like to play: i love to build big super detailed architectural designs and hide my wiring in the build. i have built castles, floating islands, modern/futuristic factories, on one server i build a life - size Apollo Rocket and Gantry. usually i spend 80% of my server time building the structure and only stop when i need more materials. Favorite Mods: well the big ones for me are all the Thermal Expansion ones, AE2 and reciently Magical Crops, Magical Crops in your pack is what is bringing me to you guys i want to join a small server that has a close nit group and magical crops.
  2. rinkin_Spartan, xmacro, psalmuel258 you guys need to join the server for us to approve your member applications. giddings85, Curv3, Hocok242, TheReacher, Smelliott2, KH2Fan101, Volcom205, drgBRICK you have all been approved welcome edit: i guess i should introduce myself, i am one of the moderators for both of our servers hope to see you all online
  3. Just wondering why i was skipped over i was not approved or denied. My application was on post #222 or 6 above this and the two people below me were already approved. looking forward to trying out the server.
  4. Username: CzarKirby Age: 27 Why Tekkitopia? I am curently running a private server with only one other player and wanted to find a mature active server we could move to to have some more company Your secret code: 9Cza
  5. IGN: CzarKirby Age: 27 Location: California, USA Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? defiantly build and create. Other things you'd like to add
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