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  1. After you were banned you entered the server thats why hacks and you were sassing all the staff and telling me what to do
  2. C'mon no responses it's almost been a week I don't mean to whine at all just I kinda need some protection help here :P
  3. i have worldguard for server protections griefprevention for players and CoreProtect for grief rollback i also have a item banlist but my server got MEGA griefed and CoreProtect Rollback only made snow appear Please Help!
  4. Hi! I would like to invite you to a server i just made Called ExonCraft Tekkit or ExonTekkit The Server has 72 slots (for now we will get more) and is just staring out. We have all the staff we need we just want users. We will have a forums of our own soon (we have them it is just down for the week.) And a donation system with great deals. The more donations we get the faster the server is The Server would like some great builders as well to build cool structures and server buildings to make the server more appealing. IP: play.exoncraft.net Hope to See Yah there