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  1. Server ip: funtekservers.zapto.org Hello everyone welcome to FunTekServers, Im here today to show off my new Tekkit Main Server, First off it is a non pvp server and griefing is absolutely not tolerated, There are a few items that are banned because they bypass pvp protection as well as claimed protection. I am hoping to see a lot of people join this server, It is a rank based server, For instance you can unlock certain items that are banned via your rank, You rankup over time. Server Rules: No griefing No spamming No advertising No racism No sexism No disrespect No Nagging Swearing is allowed. Not following these rules will result in a permanent ban. Banned items: Dynamite All throwing knifes All battleaxes All halberds All turtles All muskets Cannon Matter cannon All Flails Crossbow Blunderbuss Fire rod All warhammers Javelin All spears All boomarangs Lux capacitors SPAMR launcher Needlegun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hazardouz-Tekkit Server ip: Hazardouztekkit.zapto.org Hello everyone, I am here today with a new server. I would love for you all to come and play, there are a few banned items because they are items that bypass protected areas. We are looking for possible staff members, and players so we can start this community strong. The server will have its up's and down's as we try to receive donations for the server to become dedicated. We hope you took the time to read this and understand our situation. Banned Items: Dynamite, Throwing knifes due to duplication glitch with them, and Turtles. Banned Mods: Mystcraft, and Dimensional Doors, Dimensional doors causes the server to have a serious memory leak and crash the server, Myscraft causes crashes while creating new worlds. We need ideas so join our server today and help advance as a community thanks it means alot!
  3. Hello everyone Jbreadtoasted is back. New network id's for hamachi are Network: jbreadtekkit5.7 Pass: 123 Network: jbreadtekkit5.7-2 Pass: 123 no need to ask if you can join because you can just join the network listed and enter pass then look at my hamachi ip and join the game see you guys there
  4. Hey everyone just want to find a couple of awesome people who know how to install plugins for bukkit forge etc and give me tips on that. And looking for people who want to come and play on a small server where griefing is not tolerated thanks and hope to see you there it is hamachi just to let u know. Network: jbreadtekkit Password: 123 Have a coouple more hamachi networks for you guys to join Network: jbreadtekkit2 pass: 123 Network: jbreadtekkit3 pass: 123