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  1. Username: UltimateGodLike Age: 29 Why Tekkitopia? Seems to be an ideal server for dedicated players. Your secret code: 19hehe
  2. Thanks valendrop, and blocks you can go to classic server list to find classic server
  3. Our server crashed yesterday due to the bug of redstone conduit working with redstone battery cell, so i hope player avoid using them if possible~
  4. First of all i can Comfirm that this fit everything and it is not part of the sand used in building process i did rollback and it formed word that you mention. You're the one and only one who refuse to believe everything. What if you write a mod to overcome the minimum stone grief instead of keep complaining about problem that should be solved by EE3 author instead of me. Think before you think you're right with everything ( worst still blame someone you shouldn't without ANY evidence).
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