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  1. This is a great server that provides a good challenge to build up and survive. Mystcraft is disabled so people can't just hide away never to be found but unlike other servers, we still allow the use of books for teleporting. I highly recommend this server for any player looking for a challenge, or those who just want to blow shit up. 20 Diamonds can be traded for 1 nuke at spawn. Can also buy other items to cause havok like ghast eggs, TNT, wither boss spawners, and invis potions.
  2. Hehehe when you keep coming back to the house we just kicked you guys out of, its not consider spawn camping. Everything is up for grabs. Since you decided to build a house right out in the open and not even have anything to defend it with, it is completely your fault.
  3. Great server. Nothing is banned, not laggy, and you can do whatever the hell you want.
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