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  1. That totally worked by the way. Sure it isn't instant like AE but it by golly it works. Thanks :D
  2. My memory is so bad I forget that I asked part of the question before. Though I haven't been able to find that older thread. So two molecular assembly chambers? One to feed redstone into a magma crucible and another to send in an empty energy cell into the liquid transposer? Would that require two commands at two terminals? As far as the liqui-crafter is concerned, I did not know that existed! Going to play with that now in creative haha!
  3. Since this is a lively discussion I'll go ahead and throw in another question: If you want to pulverize coal dust faster using a pulverizer, how can you do that? I tried two interfaces over two pulverizers but the orders only get sent to one machine and do not divide it between the two.
  4. I am able to create empty energy cell frames automatically without incident. What I want to do is inject 40 restone into a magma crucible and the completed empty energy cell frame into a liquid tesseract. However, I am unable to make this work. I have two ME Interfaces above each machine but do not know what the respective patterns should be in each ME Interface. Any thoughts?
  5. We upgraded to Essentials and managed to get several permissions issues sorted out. Players can now teleport safely with dimensional doors removed to prevent unnessessary ram use. GriefPrevention is next. As for dimensional anchor's, since everything is run via Applied Energistics we put all the hard working areas in one chunk. Players haven't experienced much of a frame-rate drop and are able to access everything now from one convenient location.
  6. Just be careful. Admin might destroy all of your hard work with nuke's on 512 second timers if you don't get along with him. *Picture removed* ^ Just him admitting to doing it. I have extra pictures as well.
  7. Well the dimensional anchors I was able to place in our 0.6.5 server with a "3x1" setting along the x-axis but its 3 chunks long, 1 chunk wide along the x-axis - not 1x N lines.
  8. So as far as the "new" dimensional anchors are concerned, I take it that is something my clients would also have to download to be able to utilize?
  9. I have a segregated applied energistics base at the moment in our server. Everything was working fine when we had several dimensional anchor's placed all over the place with the 9x9 setting, only that was steadily increasing the CPU usage to about 60% constantly (even with no one in the server). After we removed the dimensional anchor's, an empty server now uses only 4% of the server CPU. The performance increase is great, but now we can no longer access our items unless we go to the building containing the ME control unit. My questions: 1. Do dimensional anchor's require that the ME C
  10. Sweet. Thanks Marble. Thats more than enough to get me started.
  11. Surely! We welcomed Diathemen this evening, if you want to come on in to our Teamspeak Slazke we can get you the server IP address. We keep it hidden as to keep the server private(ish) from people who just join to grief! Thx!
  12. Our server has grown from 2 regular players to 7 and we're still looking to expand by another three players. My question (as the server admin and the one paying the hosting company) relates to administration. What mods do servers use to: 1. Prevent blocks from being broken in certain areas by newer players. 2. Allow players to "exchange" items for one another? 3. Check for lag issues (explosion loops eating CPU, excessive animal breeding, etc), in areas that might be hard to find if a player chooses to not build close to everyone else. 4. Have an online map of their server? (Dynmap? I
  13. If your looking for a nice place to chill, give us a try. Here's a quick image album of our server: http://imgur.com/a/4j0ec Teamspeak: IP: Channel: Minecraft Password: mario Requirements: Age 18+ Microphone No griefing. (Instant ban to those who do) We back-up the server every morning and run a forced manual save just before that. We pay for a 20 slot server but only will use 10 of those slots in order to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. It costs more but it's worth it, we don't ask for donations but any donation will get you admin rights. You can bu
  14. Using an export bus takes everything from the inventory automatically, no? I think we want to keep hardened glass to a "make-by-case" basis.
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