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  1. That totally worked by the way. Sure it isn't instant like AE but it by golly it works. Thanks :D
  2. They are not craftable or useable correct. That said, we may be moving the building/landscape aesthetics of our server over to a more popular mod-pack as finding 10 regular players seems to be proving quite the challenge for tekkit lite. Most likely FTB ultimate but before any decisions are made please feel free to join our Teamspeak server and weigh in.
  3. My memory is so bad I forget that I asked part of the question before. Though I haven't been able to find that older thread. So two molecular assembly chambers? One to feed redstone into a magma crucible and another to send in an empty energy cell into the liquid transposer? Would that require two commands at two terminals? As far as the liqui-crafter is concerned, I did not know that existed! Going to play with that now in creative haha!
  4. Sure thing! Best way to get in to the server is to join the Teamspeak channel. Someone is usually on to help out.
  5. Since this is a lively discussion I'll go ahead and throw in another question: If you want to pulverize coal dust faster using a pulverizer, how can you do that? I tried two interfaces over two pulverizers but the orders only get sent to one machine and do not divide it between the two.
  6. I am able to create empty energy cell frames automatically without incident. What I want to do is inject 40 restone into a magma crucible and the completed empty energy cell frame into a liquid tesseract. However, I am unable to make this work. I have two ME Interfaces above each machine but do not know what the respective patterns should be in each ME Interface. Any thoughts?
  7. Excellent! I'm in Teamspeak now:, I can chat with ya for a sec, white-list you, and show you around if you'd like.
  8. That is because that is the Teamspeak information. We do not publically post the server IP address. We only give it to those who've taken some time to come into Teamspeak first.
  9. Oh thats perfectly fine. We have 1-2 other players using laptop mics as well when they're on. Even if you can't talk as much thats still a-okay.
  10. Also! Other game's we've been playing on the side when we need a break from the craft: Battlefield 3 [CTF, Conquest, Hardcore] DayZ
  11. We upgraded to Essentials and managed to get several permissions issues sorted out. Players can now teleport safely with dimensional doors removed to prevent unnessessary ram use. GriefPrevention is next. As for dimensional anchor's, since everything is run via Applied Energistics we put all the hard working areas in one chunk. Players haven't experienced much of a frame-rate drop and are able to access everything now from one convenient location.
  12. This server has switched to FTB Ultimate. Sorry for any confusion this ad creates. If you are still interested the TS info is still accurate. Our Tekkit Lite building area was imported. More Images on our donation page: Our semi-white listed server is looking for up to 10 regular players. Please join our Teamspeak to get the server IP information! The server has 5-7 regulars already and we're looking to add in some additional regulars to the server. The server is located in New York and we have players stretching from the USA to the UK. You can feel comfortible that your creations will not get griefed as our players are mature and we do have additional plugins activated if you so desire. Replys to this thread are appreciated, but we bring people in based on them coming into our Teamspeak server to introduce themselves first. Teamspeak: Teamspeak IP: Channel: Minecraft > Subchannel: WaxyElephant Password: mario Requirements: Age 18+ Use Teamspeak. No griefing. (Instant ban to those who do) Server: Max Slots: 20. Regular Player Count Goal: 10. 3GB Ram, Hosted by MPServ. 3x Daily backups. Regular admins to help restart the server if required. Currently Running: WorldGuard, Portals, Builder, Vault, Citizens2, BuyCraft, Tekkit Customizer, WorldEdit, Grief Prevention, and Essentials. Donations = Very much appreciated. The server is run 75% on donations from our players and although its not required, its greatly appreciated. Craftable Dimensional Doors, Power Armor, Minium Stones, and Industrial TNT and Nukes are disabled. You can build along side us, by yourself, or bring along a friend and build together. We prefer US based clients for a lag free experience. We are happy to help you start out but our item collection terminals are /trusted people only. Thanks.
  13. Just be careful. Admin might destroy all of your hard work with nuke's on 512 second timers if you don't get along with him. *Picture removed* ^ Just him admitting to doing it. I have extra pictures as well.
  14. Well the dimensional anchors I was able to place in our 0.6.5 server with a "3x1" setting along the x-axis but its 3 chunks long, 1 chunk wide along the x-axis - not 1x N lines.