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  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to use commands to set an area to a specific block type ("Paved Stone Bricks") and I can't figure out how to do it with items outside vanilla Minecraft (notably because of an absence of item ids...) So the process : >go to one corner "/Set HPOS1" >go to the opposite corner "/set HPOS2" >use command "/set 'paved stone bricks'" Brings up an error saying that the block type doesn't exist. And I have no ID to use in place of "paved stone bricks" so I don't know where to go from here. What should I be typing for the block name? I've tried looking online for a list of Minefactory IDs but couldn't find any... Any tips on using commands to spawn modpack items by name? Thanks! Oscar
  2. Most unfortunate... I was really hoping someone would be able to help.. Sorry you're having the same issue.. seems like the new launcher is causing a whole lot of issues for a whole lot of people...
  3. Launcher Version: 285 Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit Java Version: Java V 7 U 45 Antivirus Program: Avast Description of Problem: Whenever I open the launcher I type in my username and password and click launch and the launch button turns black but nothing happens. It doesn't matter which modpack I attempt to launch. There isn't anything wrong with my user or pass either because if I intentionally input the wrong password I still get a popup saying incorrect password/username combination. So I know it's the right password. And I know my Java is up to date. I also know the issue started when the Technic Launcher updated. As it was working 100% last time I played and then today it updated and no longer works. Is there any way I can use an older launcher build? Or launch tekkit manually without technic? Tekkit classic is the only modpack I play (but I have tried to launch the others to no avail. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. If it helps I also have custom mods attached to my tekkit (ones not included in the modpack) but they haven't had any conflict issues at all. But I would rather avoid deleting the tekkitmain folder if at all possible.. as that seems to be the closest thing to advice I've been able to find on the forum. Error Messages: None.. it never actually pops an error.. it just does nothing.. the "launch" button turns black and then absolutely nothing happens. And it isn't even frozen.. I can still change settings, scroll through the modpacks etc. It just never launches anything. Error Log:
  4. I hate Lua... I'm sure its easy but if you already know java then learning another syntax is a bit of a nuisance... anyway my program works for my turtle (I'm using it to make the windows (walls) of a highrise building) EXCEPT the turtle (his name is steve) stops placing blocks after 64 (One stack). Obviously this is because I'm not telling him to use the glass blocks from his other inventory slots but I don't know how. I'm sure its just a matter of using an if statement (ie. "if slot 1 ==0...."make slot 2 inventory? or move slot 2 to 1?) but I don't know... any help? Thanks!
  5. I'm making an automated factory that makes Nano Suits. At the very end there are 5 auto crafting tables (mkII) that make each piece of the armor (and the sword). My issue is having the line that produces the energy crystals and the line that produces the carbon plating divide their stores evenly between these crafting tables. Right now I'm using diamond pipe and running one pipe out of the assembly line and 5 diamond pipes (one at each table). The problem is if I put the item (plating) in TWO slots of the diamond pipe GUI it has a 50/50 chance of going either way. In other words 50% of the product gets into table 1, 25% gets to table 2, 12.5% gets to table 3, 6.25% gets to table 4, and 3.125% gets to table 5....(Statistically speaking anyway... obviously it doesn't work out the same everytime...) So I'm just wondering is there a pipe I can use that will "check" if the table already has "x" number of carbon plate and if true move on to the next table? Thus evenly distributing the product! Thank you!