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  1. I am guessing the answer to this question is you can't. So perhaps its time to go route two and have a plugin made to do the job.
  2. I am setting up a BigDig server and I would like to accomplish a few things. I would like to limit players to 1 quarry each, and limit the size of the quarry by rank. So low ranked players can do a 16x16 size quarry, and higher ups can do 32x32, then 48x48 and finally 64x64. I would like to limit other things like dimensional anchors but I am assuming that what ever process that allows me to limit quarries will also work for other items. I have already gone the mcpc+ route so bukkit plugins are an easy integration, and I already have worldedit, and worldguard installed. I am using pex for permissions so please lets avoid telling me all the ways you can do this that are exclusive to essentials. Thank you, Note: why did I spell it quarrie in the title? I am losing my mind I guess.
  3. OK on my attack of the bteam server when players use the staff to go to the paradise or what ever world its called. That works fine, but once they arrive there they often complain of lag, and of there being hundreds if not thousands of pixies. I have gone and looked myself and I have to admit there are a suprising number of pixies, and even my computer suddenly starts to render slowly there. Is there some way to limit the number of these things that spawn?
  4. Just as a starting question, are you using the permissionsex mod or the plugin? You should not be having issues with this if your using the mod. However if your using the plugin it must be version 1.19.4. I have found that any version 1.19.5 or latter seems to load fine but none of the actual permissions you set up work. Its like they are simply ignored, which would explain your problem. The mod would only work for people who had OP privileges then. So I am guessing you have stumbled into this trap.