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  1. What the hell! i think our host has updated the server without our permission. please be patient while we find a solution.
  2. Turns out TheIgorbest is a computer craft genius and has built us a cool sliding logo! he is now working on a arcade!
  3. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit [3.0.3] [Website] [24/7] [Towny] [Jobs] [LWC] there is now a tavern and cinema being built in the spawn :)
  4. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit [3.0.3] [Website] [24/7] [Towny] [Jobs] [LWC] we could really do with more players at about this time, we're full in the evening of UK and US times but not at the moment :(
  5. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit [3.0.3] [Website] [24/7] [Towny] [Jobs] [LWC] Just nuked malak_dawnfires house.... like a bawse!!!
  6. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit [3.0.3] [Website] [24/7] [Towny] [Jobs] [LWC] Think we have fixed a lot of bugs, hopefully no more will pop up!
  7. hmmm, strange i can't replicate it
  8. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit [3.0.3] [Website] [24/7] [Towny] [Jobs] i was not aware of that bug, i will look into it now.
  9. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] we will be switching the server to 3.0.3 over the next couple of days, the maps will be wiped! due to it being basically impossible to convert them, however you will be able to keep your inventories so if there are things you want to keep put them in bags etc...
  10. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] bit cheesy pim :D
  11. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] thanks for the update pip, we all miss you :)
  12. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] Bllllarg we crashed! will be up soon!
  13. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] Plop the 'ethical reason' for your ban was that you briefed someones generators. Here at JWL we have a rule that if you make an active attempt to appeal or come back you will be given a second chance. You will be unbanned in 3 days.
  14. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] The hunger games world has been delayed a little, sorry :(
  15. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] Snake you griefed on the server, end of. You will never be unbanned and as for your last post, its rude, immature and really unnecasary as it will just get you banned. I really hope you grow up one day and realise what a good time you could have had if you just obeyed the simple rules. Thank-you simpleguy for banning him.
  16. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] Hunger games tournaments are now being set up! for rewards we were thinking possibly getting promoted to resident (only if you win a weeks tournament or something like that! don't expect that to happen any time soon as we are still deciding! :)
  17. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] We now have log block running! you should be even more protected from griefing scum now! :)
  18. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Towny seems to have been a good choice as there are now 3 or 4 little towns that are growing in both builds and people really fast! also I'm glad EE was taken out as we have not had any problems yet!
  19. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] May have fixed the old world :)
  20. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] same problem with me mitch, your quarry was spitting items on the floor and it caused mine craft to overload, i tried to fix it but i crash when i get near.
  21. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Ok servers up, i have removed Equivalent Exchange due to bugs, still haven't changed the permissions as i was getting all kind of crazy errors but will be upgrading some time in the future. Spawn is still not built so i will get to work on that tomorrow as it is 2:23 am here and I've worked my ass off for the pass few hours :p
  22. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Thanks everyone that applied for mod, i am not deciding yet as we have encountered some serious issues, one of witch being build craft pipes again. Someone has yet again attached a wooden pipe to a energy collector and corrupted the map. I regret to say it but i have no backups. Now we have two options: one, we fix the old map causing masses of errors and build craft glitches for it to most properly happen again or two, we make a new world, i change my permission plugin to PEX and disable EE, this will allow for no crashes, fewer glitches and bugs to exploit, no griefing hazards and an all round better gameplay. I really appreciate all the support i have been getting and I will get to work on fixing the problems immediately! I will not sleep till its done! Oh and please comment on your suggestions!
  23. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] having a huge issue with lag at the moment, not getting any error messages can't find the problem, hopefully its my internet and should be fixed soon :(
  24. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] yes woody it is, we have just been experiencing some internet problems! and thanks a lot man :)
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