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  1. Om nom nom, it's cookie weekend! First time players get some cookies.
  2. This is the official 24/7 multiplayer home of the Too Big To Handle Modpack! For those that don’t know this modpack, created by user Tntrololol, has been designed to push the limits on the amount of modded content that can be packed into one minecraft instance. The following mods are included in the pack: Tech Mods - Applied Energistics - Atomic Science - Buildcraft - Buildcraft Additional Objects - Computer Craft - Ender IO - Electrodynamics - Factorization - Flan’s Mod - Galacticraft - ICBM - Industrialcraft 2 - IC2 Nuclear Control - IC2 Advanced Machines - IC2 Compact Solars - IC2 GregTech
  3. Coming soon! Learn Magic Spells by advancing through mcmmo skills! Gain the ability to feed yourself from mana that comes with a through understanding of herbalism.
  4. Welcome fellow Minecrafters to our Zephyr Tekkit Lite Server! We are a PvP/RPG based server. We strive to bring you the best minecraft experience that we, the staff, can bring to your computer screen! We offer a wide variety of plugins such as: Factions, Spawner, Mcmmo, and MagicSpells! Here, at Zephyr we are a very friendly community. We expect our players to be mature, respectful, friendly, and most of all fun IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Dimensional Doors has been causing internal server errors so it is also disabled until we can find a fix. Treeca. has also been disabled. Mystcraft
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