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  1. Name:Franciscus Minecraft Username:Franciscus123 Age:15 Your long term minecraft project:I Always Loved To Be Able To Play Freely, Helping People, Teaching People While Learning A Few Things Along The Way! Why you want to play on this server:I Always, Always,Always Wanted to Actually Play Without the fear of being griefed, meeting new people and especially having fun
  2. Blackie, I Dont Know What Happened But I Was Banned From The Server , Can You Give Me a Reason Of why I Was Banned From The Server, I Love Playing At The Server But i Was Banned... D:

  3. Umm Guys Why was i banned From The Server ? Can You give Me a Reason D: I love Playing at The Server But why Was I Banned
  4. Uhh Guys is Server Down? Cause I Cant Log in :/ for some reason ... Anyone know how to fix this ? D:
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