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  1. hey my name is Noahlew1 i want to join your server because ive been looking on this wedsite for about fifteen minutes and yours caught my eye the thunder thing you have looks realy cool and theres not much else to say im sorry i dont know what jwl means i dont like talking to people i dint know so normally im a lone wolf but im a chatterbox and i will be talking all the time in the chat box and im not smart so ill be asking questions quite a bit
  2. I cant get on the server why is that is it because of the new update just found this sever 5 mins ago look great but is the server down or has the server stopped
  3. It looks like a good server but its never online and if it is whitelist my name is Noahlew1
  4. when i try and get on voltz it says update failed and i try all the things above but none worked
  5. -age:if i have to reply cause realy i dont want to give to much information -country:UK -experience with minecraft: ive never played voltz so it should be fun getting blown up alot i know tekkit and normal minecraft -i like the idea that you can team up to blow up other peoples bases -i am willing to team up and i would like to team up i understand the difference my username is Noahlew1 i do get a lot of lag(my computer)but ill survive
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