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  1. So, Since it happend. I never played Technic more.
  2. Yeah, M4ster, We got the same probmel too, I Recommend Playing FTB Its Much Safer, ;)
  3. Well. I tryed to add a Modpack. Then it said something about "Please select a folder out of .Technic - to install the modpack" so. i installed the modpack in ""%appdata%" After that. All my other files in "%appdata% disappeard :/
  4. Launcher Version: Latest Operating System: Windows7 Java Version: 7-17 Antivirus Program: McAfee Description of Problem: The Technic Launcher deleted Everything in My %appdata% Folder. can anyone Please help me? Error Messages: Error Log: I dont want that to happen aigan So i deleted .Technic and The launcher