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  1. Use the standard Minecraft client as a source. You don't need to copy the minecraft.jar file from bin, just the libraries (jinput.jar, lwjgl.jar, lwjgl_util.jar and the natives subdirectory).
  2. Yea. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Just to be precise: yes, Minecraft will stop working on 2-year old macs when Mojang pushes their update. I'm painfully aware of this. However, you should be able to play your 1.5 Minecraft, just not the newer version. With Technic Launcher, you're not allowed not to upgrade.
  3. Nope, Java 7 is not available on 10.6. You need Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion (10.8) for Java 7. Yes, if your Mac is from before July 2011, you can't run Java 7. Who needs compatibility with 2-year old computer stuff anyway? (I can imagine what would happen if the same mentality was prevalent in the Windows world)
  4. He probably has a recent 10.8 Mac OS X. With Java 7. Found a workaround to the problem. Have a backup of the Library/Application Support/techniclauncher/tekkitlite (or whatever)/bin libs (jinput.jar, lwgl*.jar, natives/*) of a pre-friday install somewhere (I made a working.tar archive). Create a shell script that restores the archive. Launch the Technic Launcher, start playing. The launcher replaces the libs, then prompts you. While it prompts you, restore all the libs using your script, then click "No". Play "normally". You do have to do this every time you want to play, since the launcher can't be told not to update, so it will attempt to "upgrade you" to its java 7 environment without checking if you have, in fact, java 7. If you don't have backups (pre-time machine), then use the libs from a standard minecraft client install (Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin), since the official Mojang client has not jumped the gun yet.
  5. Ok, it turns out that the launcher was upgraded early, and applies Java 7 libs on your Technic install. Of course, if you can't run Java 7, it causes all kinds of problems, making running tekkitlite an impossibility, unless you purchase a new version of Mac OS X. Apparently, there's no option to stay in a working version; you are prompted AFTER the upgrade took place. How... disappointing.
  6. Ahhh, so that's why my Minecraft is now running like molasses, and persists in re-downloading a new set of libs, despite my attempting to restore the whole shebang to a working version. I'm getting "improved performance"... as in 1-2 fps while connected. Oh, and the launcher asks me if I want to update something... but AFTER having loaded and replaced the libs. Would it be possible to make sure that the launcher does NOT upgrade your libs until you say "yes"? I'd like to be able to play normally. Thank you.
  7. I've got my Tekkitlite set to a specific version. This afternoon, when launched, it downloaded some libs from (apparently, a set of native stuff), and it now lags like molasses (F3 gives me something like 2 fps). Two questions: why did it download libs when I've not asked to upgrade? Anyone else got this problem? *** EDIT *** Just tried to restore my version. It does not matter what I configure, it does download a new set of libs, despite my restoring the old libs. It then prompts me if I want to upgrade the pack, but then it already did overwrite the libs before asking!
  8. You can remove a rift by using a rift remover (ender pearl in the middle of a gold bar cross), or you can lock it by placing a dimensional door (ender pearl flanked by two iron doors on each side). The dimensional door on the rift gives you access to a pocket dimension which has a chance of having trapped temples with some loot inside, plus it disables the rift random conversion to air. Rifts and Dim. doors don't act as chunk loaders, so if the rift is not loaded, it doesn't convert stuff.
  9. Are you using Mystcraft? In my experience, the handling of weather between various Ages doesn't work well, and you end up with fictitious rain (it seems to rain, but zombies and skeletons catch fire outdoor and snow doesn't deposit on ground in tundra biomes). I think that, basically, your client will display rain whenever there's rain in any of the ages (the standard dimensions have biomes that don't have rain, and thus you don't get rained there even if it "does" rain). The more Ages are up, the more fake rain you'll get.