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  1. Nice We wanna do a lot with CC, just join and i'll give you a tour.
  2. Nice, just join the server and i'll give you a little tour around
  3. sry cant say why your game keeps freezing. Did you try to change the RAM of your game or maybe lower the grafics?
  4. TecCity - Tekkit Citylife/Roleplay Welcome everybody to TecCity! This Server is created some days ago and now we fell free to open it for all Tekkit players who want to play some Citylife. We are a german multigaming community and we will add more slots to the server if there is a need to. Rules: - No swearing at other players. - Do not spam the chat. - Griefing is forbidden. But feel free to do everything you want inside the Miningworld. - Respect all players. - Do not build massive Redstoneclocks and anything else that could produce much lag. - Do not hack, cheat or abuse bugs. - Have Fun How to become a Member: You're able to visit the server, but to become a member you need to post your IGN: Age: Your Tekkit-Experience: Your Roleplay-Experience: Plugins: - Permissions - Jobs - Economy - Essentials - Multiworld Disabled Stuff: - EE - Nuke - Cannon - Dynamite How to play: On your first connect, you get 5000 TecCash. We offer 3 different types of plots yet. Some in the City, they cost 1000 TecCash per block. Some in the hoods, they cost 500 TecCash. And finally we have a starter area with smaller plots, they are cheap and only cost 100 TecCash per block. You will not be able to buy the best plots right in the beginning, so you have to apply for a Job. Atm we can only offer 4 different Jobs. - Farmer (gets Money for farming wheat (later i'll add more, but the pay is actually good)) - Miner (I dont have to explain his job) - Woodcutter (the master of the woods, gets paid for chopping trees and replanting them) - Hunter (gets Money for killing all kind of mobs) We have 2 Worlds, one official world (TecCity) and the farmingarea (Miningworld). The Miningworld will be deleted and regenerated every 30 Days. Join us now : Owner : xHENRYx Teamspeak 3 : team.hardcore-sucht-anstalt.de:1253 Screens are allways good: Spawn: Building plots: Park: I'd like to see you soon
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