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  1. This comes as soon as the server starts up. And we are only 2-3 players on the server so far.
  2. Don't know what this is, even with a new world the server seems to be leaking. Any ideas? I don't get this when I host server on my own pc, but I've rented a server from stickypiston should there be any difference? Or could there be something wrong with the server itself? 04.04 20:35:28 [server] SEVERE The world 397f9ee9 (world) has leaked. 04.04 20:35:28 [server] SEVERE The world 7f073a31 (world) has leaked. 04.04 20:35:28 [server] SEVERE Detected leaking worlds in memory. There are 4 worlds that appear to be persisting. A mod is likely caching the world incorrectly 04.04 20:35:24 [server] INFO Unloading dimension -23 04.04 20:35:24 [server] INFO Unloading dimension 1
  3. In replt to: theprolo Are you for certain? I just rented a server for me and a few friends and it's lagging a lot and we are getting disconnected. The memory is at 100% usage constantly, and the server ment for 12 people and we are only 3-4 on at a time. I'm renting a server from sticky pistons btw.
  4. Is there known to be a problem with the dim doors that cause memory leaking? Is there a point to this mod or can one disable it? I have a dimensional anchor in the nether could this make it leak? Sorry for "ot qustions"
  5. I have a question about the folders, what is the dim-23 folder for? My server starts leaking when it tries unloading dim 1 and dim - 23.