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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for this information. Worked exactly as stated in the thread. Closed down tekkit-lite Opened up NetherOres.cfg (C:Users{myuser}AppDataRoaming.technictekkitliteconfigNetherOres.cfg) Changed all the I:oreORENAMEMinY=128 to I:oreORENAMEMinY=1 Saved the file Deleted DIM-1 from C:Users{myuser}AppDataRoaming.technictekkitlitesaves{my save file} Started tekkit-lite Went to Nether, Ores are there cheers!
  2. I don't know how you did a quick search to find what the answer was, but thanks. (i searched for conductive pipe sections exploding, vanishing, disappearing, etc... etc...) How do you know its on the chunk border?
  3. I was trying to figure out how to word the title so it would say whats happening... Anyways, on to my question. I am running the latest tekkit lite and have my quarry powered via 32 Water Mills (unattended mode) and 16 Wind Mill's (the small ones). The power setup looks like this Water Mills -> Tin Wire -> Batbox >- Insulated Copper Wire -> IC2 LV Consumer -> Energy Bridge -> BC Producer -> Wooden Conductive Pipe -> Golden Conductive Pipe -> Wooden Conductive Pipe -> Quarry. It works well and allows me to finally not have to continually stock t
  4. Can someone else try the seed I provided in my first response, confirm if the volcano is actually at the coordinates I specified? It might be an issue with his client or the settings he's using for generating world (biome sizes, etc...)
  5. Im vanilla tekkit lite. You cant be having bad luck, I created a new world with the seed I provided, and the volcano is there. Ive also taken a drive around the world and spotted no less than 7 so far (going out to 2k+ around the spawn)... not sure what to say as I'm relatively new to Tekkit too.
  6. My utmost gratitude SpoonsV. Not only did you help me solve my problem, you also taught me something else about how this whole ball of Minecraft universe works. /bow thanks again.
  7. I started a new world and there's a volcano, relatively close to spawn too. Seed: 2116156965 X: 90 Y: 106 Z: 379
  8. Hi, sorry for this as my first post, but I'm having troubles with my texture packs. I've tried a few which are Tekkit Lite compatible and have an issue where most of the textures are there, but some are missing. It doesn't matter which texture pack I load, Refined Iron is default Minecraft. As is the same with both Tin Ingot & Tin, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz Dust, Nicolite etc... Some of the working textures are Iron Ingot, Bread, String, Redstone, Enchanted Book, Egg, Iron Pick-Axe. I have loaded Soartex_Fanver, Sphax x32 & 64, & T42_x64. All of which say they ar
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