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  1. So, commands such as /give will allow you to spawn in tekkit items? And does Worldedit/worldguard recognize tekkit blocks and items? Also does iConomy recognize tekkit blocks and items?
  2. I am wondering about plugin compatibility for a Tekkit server i will be buying. Are these plugins compatible: Essentials WorldEdit WorldGuard iConomy Lockette If not are there ways to make them compatible?
  3. Fraps or DXtory. By the way free is fucking worse.
  4. Omg it was increddibly simple, it just looked as if there was no power getting through cus i never hooked it up to anything. WOW im stupid sometimes.
  5. ty...but istill am having a problem. heres a picture of my problem: The transformer is getting no power, i cannot find the reason for this.
  6. Are there any guides anywhere ever?
  7. i am trying to get the power created by my nuclear reactor to power my quarry. I cant for the life of me figure it out, i did it correctly once, i have completely forgotten how i did it. Please help, there has to be something im missing, its probably obvious. I would love a step by step guide on how to use the power from a nuclear reactor, i dont need to know how to make the machines, i just need to know where to place the machines and wires. Please help im dieing here
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