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  1. still can't download it because it keeps getting hung up on fml_libs15.zip is there a way to force that in there by hand? i have it downloaded, and made a libs folder (like every other forge does) and put contents in there, then i dropped the zip into the hexxit folder and it still keeps trying to download it... am i the only one who always has trouble downloading forge items with the loader?
  2. cool decorative stuff, chocobos, better dungeons/towers, extra dimensions, alot of weapon and gear mods, infernal mobs (im happy about this one ), Twighlight Forest (always a favorite of mine), alot of other world gen mods... and more. this is looking like one of the best and most robust "adventure/ RPG-ish" packs ever :D
  3. 8 minutes i SHOULD be cleaning... but ima watch the countdown instead >:D
  4. less than 12 hours now wooooooooOOOOOOOTTTTTT!
  5. wooooooooooo only a couple days to go! *cough trying to stay on topic people cough cough* i want a Nerdmage-Who-Throws-Blocks-at-Other-Things (aka NWTBOT) and hope that's a thing.
  6. there is this awesome thing called a "config" file that lets you change that i will agree though, at default the tower spawn is just too damn high! hopefully they will do like the 'Yogbox' pack did and custom edit the configs for us too to make a more balanced game, and to help the mods synergize.
  7. I can't wait to find out if this Hexxit pack will be consuming all my time, or if my home-brew (and recently updated) modpack will beat it. need more tiny teases I got it immediately, and I laughed a good laugh when i saw this you are a clever one, you are. No. That mod is garbage, we have been over this, just no. P.S. so i figured that the symbols had to be really bent letters, made wire figures of them and then bent them about with pliers, devised their deeper meaning thanks to the Da Vinci code, ran it all through a virtual cheese grater, Failed to correctly do
  8. ^ Yes to this, i want some rocking Minecraft shirts from you good sir! :D
  9. they put up the third one, its an archer (no one is suprised...) unfortunately this means none of them are mage-y types... kinda lowers my hopes of this being an awesome magic themed pack. could still be H/M though, who knows... Edit: God!#$# it... im always like 3 pages behind the latest news :'< ignore me dumbly dumbing it up and being dumb...
  10. has any one else realized that there is now a shadow of a figure around the first constellation? anyone got a clue what it is? looks like a sneaky rogue/ thief type to me... Edit: oh poop i'm like 3 pages too late to the party >.< i'm hoping it is a revival of H/M i loved playing that. and with the three constellations most likely being the generic 3 class triangle thing its a good bet that's what it is. or it could be something new no one is expecting p.s. i doubt its freaking DivineRPG, that mod is garbage no matter how many random dimensions and mobs they add.
  11. I'm watching the timer atm to make sure the days goes down to 8 and all the other number reset accordingly... tell you how it goes in a few minutes. Edit: yup, just watched it tick down and everything reacted as it should on a normal clock. i guess now we just wait 9 days...
  12. so i just sat down and figured out the pattern and then watched the timer. the seconds are actually working in groups of 60 like it should be because it went from 00 (two T like things) to 59 (a backward square G thing for the 5) so it would as of my typing this be in 9 days, 2 hours, 3 minutes... putting it at June 21st at 9 a.m. for me (im in arizona) Edit: so since i had only a few minutes till it changed hour ticker i watched it to see, and the minutes and seconds groups are working in 60s because they both have the backwards G symbol for 5 in the tens place. ill check in a few hours
  13. White-Listing Application: Name: Homergunther Age: 20 What i hope to accomplish: I have 3 goals; 1. to remaster Tekkit (i used to play a lot, but haven't since before the 'Great Split of Mass-Confusion') and to learn all the new shiny toys added in. 2. to generally have fun (it's the purpose of a game, is it not?). 3. to build some sort of massive over-complicated complex deep underground from which i will exploit the planets plentiful and desirable bounty so that i may... OPEN A SHOP!!! *DRAMATIC MUSIC* Experience: Tons of it, the number of times i have started on a server to have i
  14. Hello all, I have an idea for an Adventure map that i want to create using Tekkit as part of the map, but there are alot of thing i need to know in order to create the map, so here goes: 1. can I use MCedit to place Tekkit blocks and items? 2. by switching your gamemode into Adventure, will there be any Tekkit specific items that are still breakable? would it be everything, or would it follow the general rules of Adventure mode? 3.is there an easier/ smarter way to go about designing the map so I don't need to put it into Adventure mode? I will probably post additional questions as they
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