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  1. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] yeh umm i at the the house and i was replacing low voltage solar panel for medium ones and i placed 5 down and got the white screen. I couldnt log on after that other wise i would get white screen, babe? any ideas?
  2. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Mod Application: IGN: waffleblako Timezone: GMT (England) Reason Why: The reason why iwant to be a mod is so i can help people getting started on the server. When i joined, i died 5-6 times before being succesful and making a house and getting decent stuff and that. I would protect new people from monsters so they dont die instantly cause alot of people cant really get started when it comes to finding the resources (resin, coal, etc) of course i mean to be helpful to everyone and everybody i can with my knowegle of tekkit. When i say help, i dont mean give free hand outs to all the newbies otherwise ill be dry. I just mean helping them do stuff and that. Previous Experience: About 9 months ago i used to be a moderator/admin on one of the highest ranking servers in minecraft (non-tekkit). I know everything from bigbbrother to WE and in the case of a serious situation (nukes and greifing) and can sort it out with a 0 tolerance no sweat mode. Ban/jail/kick/tempban. im pretty good at seeing which one to pick. I know quite alot about tekkit. Even though i dont know that much on EEM. Ill reserch it . Cool thing build: I am planning to create giant power stations of power like solar, nuclear, geothermal etc. I would then link houses to the powerplant so people could use it. I play as much as xWoody25 does because we play together Yours sincerly George :)
  3. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Yo guys its waffle, i love nano i swear down. This server so boss, i mean i love it. Everyone so friendly and helpful!
  4. cheers mate, just wondering.
  5. I was just in my minecraft world today and i found a pretty strange site at my local volcano. (cause you gotta have local volcano otherwise it just aint technic pack ) Half the volcano had been slicied down the side of it looking as if i had world edited it or mined it so that it had a perfectly smooth face. I know this is trivial for a first post but i was just wondering if this was a common glitch or my minecrafts corrupt. the only thing i stuck on the volcano was a pipe for lava and i dont think that doubles as a quarry. anyone?
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