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  1. Name: Tony Cioe Age: 26 (27 later this year x.x) In Game Name: X6Darkstar6X (In everything, if usable) Location: USA, California. Steam Account name: X6Darkstar6X Skype: ​X6Darkstar6X How long have you been playing Minecraft: Not really sure? 4 years maybe? I don't really know. Time Flies. Why I should pick you: I'm mature. I know Lady_Stormdancer, as well as CMMercer.
  2. In-game Name: X6Darkstar6X What do you think about the server? Seems pretty fun, nearly no lag at all either. Enjoying every minute. Is there anything we could improve on the server? A nice spawn would be nice, but I heard that will happen in the next day or so. So I suppose not.
  3. Username: X6Darkstar6X Age: 25 Why Tekkitopia? Just looking for a mature server to play, and chill with people that are actually... mature. Looking forward to getting on as soon as possible. Your secret code: 12X6D
  4. Not really sure. Everything was going fine, major lag, then boom. Wish we had like a chat room of some sort.
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