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  1. Thanks, but is it me or is everyone here a little on the rude side lol. Thank for info. By the way I did google but didnt see it in there and thought maybe it was added or going to be added. Thanks again...
  2. Is it still used at all? Sorry for the noob, but I am literally new to the whole minecraft thing especially the mod packs Thanks...
  3. Hi guys, new here and was wondering aside from the small server stuff lite was designed for is it also considered the single player pack as opposed to classic or am I better off playing classic as a single player? Thanks all :)
  4. Hey guys, kinda new here and I am wondering if Tekkit Lite will run with 1.5 release of minecraft?I see that they had a patch and I wanted to download optifine for tekkit Lite but I only see optifine for 1.5 or 1.4.6 and I am running 1.4.7 version of game.Which optifine do I download? And for the final question will the Technic Launcher auto update when it can run with 1.5 version of minecraft? I keep options on run recommended builds. Is this the right setting? Thanks... Sorry for all noob questions...
  5. Lol.. My mother always told me if you can't say anything nice you should't say anything at all!!! Meanwhile you mom is probably say " did you finish your homework" Go home kid!!! I have no time for ridiculousness. I asked a legit question looking for help and this is what I get... Gotta laugh...
  6. I see that it gives you options next to the mods like Tekkit Lite and Tekkit Classic. DO I use recommended build or Latest Build?
  7. I want to add SpaxPureBDCraft tecture pack so I can use it with Tekkit Lite and Tekkit via the Techic Launcer. Can I do that, and if so what resolution should I get and how do I go about installing it to work with Techic Launcher? PLease help me, I am new to minecraft and this whole mod thing Thanks...
  8. Hey guys, I have Techic on my desktop works fine now I install it on my gaming laptop and the launcher launches but at the screen it shows all the mods on left as loading and wont let me log in to game. HOw do I fix this? I have the latest version of Java but was wondering do I need 64 bit java to run? Minecraft works fine so I know that works. PLease let me know.
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