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  1. Hey, I've spoken to our lead coder and he tells me that unless you can run the .exe file, then you can't install BoostCraft, sorry about that... I'll be sure to add it under the section 'What do I need to run BoostCraft?'. Hey, I've been speaking to our coding team and they've asked me to not release any of our source code over fear of plagiarism. Sorry about that, I hope we might be able to solve this some other way? Please read the above answer. Alright man, sorry about that. Maybe one day we might find a way to release it with a manual install, but right now all I can say is: beta is beta.
  2. As the OP says, it's compatible with the mods we've tested. This includes Optifine. :)
  3. BoostCraft, a revolutionary Minecraft performance enhancer is being released for public beta testing for the first time. Ebon Blade Productions have been hard at work for the past 3 months to bring you this stable version of our Minecraft Performance Enhancer. We're calling it BoostCraft. What is BoostCraft? BoostCraft is a Minecraft Performance Enhancer. It works by looking at your Minecraft files and removing cluttered coding to make it more efficient to access and use. BoostCraft has been tested on a variety of PCs and Laptops and we have found that on average, users recieve a 20-50fps improvement in normal gameplay as a result of using BoostCraft. Which version of Minecraft is BoostCraft compatible with? BoostCraft works with the latest Minecraft version (1.5.1) if you're unsure which version of Minecraft you have, launch Minecraft and look in the bottom left corner of your main menu. What do I need to run BoostCraft? If you can run Minecraft, you can run BoostCraft. BoostCraft has been tested with a variety of mods and does not obstruct any of them. Is BoostCraft safe to download? We understand that the Internet is not a very safe place with hackers and cyber thieves, and we take the security of our users very seriously. That's why we have taken the liberty of scanning BoostCraft with virustotal.com, a scanning website that shows the scan results of 46 different AntiVirus programs on a file. BoostCraft is 100% virus free and came up with 0/46 programs giving an alert for BoostCraft. You can check the results of the scan here: http://bit.ly/YGZIP3 Where can I download BoostCraft? BoostCraft is hosted by MediaFire. If you have any problems downloading, please leave a reply to this thread. http://www.mediafire.com/?kittenwar How do I install BoostCraft? It's simple! Simply open BoostCraft.zip and extract the BoostCraft Installer.exe file from it. Next open BoostCraft Installer.exe and follow the installation wizard. If you have any problems during installation, please leave a reply to this thread. Thanks for trying out BoostCraft! Please leave any comments or suggestions below and please tell us about any problems you experience. (For Minecraft crashes, please provide crash information with your reply)
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