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  1. On my server, the owner has mystcraft disabled, so do you think that would prevent the meteors from appearing? This is the galacticraft wiki page on fallen meteors: http://galacticraft.wikia.com/wiki/Fallen_Meteor but it says nothing on how often or how rare it is to find meteors
  2. I don't know if I'm just not looking hard enough, but no matter where I go, I can't seem to find fallen meteors. I was just curious as to if they forgot to add them in or if there is a certain rarity on finding them? If they're in the game right now, then where would I expect to find them?
  3. Username: XGingerMonsterX Age: 19 Expierence with Voltz: 0, I hope to learn quickly on the server. How you can contribute to the server: I've been an admin on a minecraft server and a moderator on a tekkit server. I also enjoy playing with a small mature group of players online. Any bans, if so what for?: None Favorite disney movie: James and the Giant Peach
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