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  1. So, I've played a lot of voltz and UE mods in the past, I made the jump to Bigdig recently and prefer it. I know Bigdig has basic components as there's batteries and cable, but why hasn't it got it's own creative tab? I am aware that recently Calclavia updated BC so it was built into other mods, but even still, by itself shouldn't there be a way to find the items?
  2. try lowering the dedicated RAM to no more than about 4Gbs, as anything bigger has a detrimental effect as Java has to dump everything constantly. Nice PC specs though by the way :)
  3. sorry, thats right it is enriched iron, I've been playing mekanism on an older version :)
  4. all the mods in voltz are pretty much already in Bigdig, exept railcraft and electric expansion. fluid mechanics is gone, but other mods do it better...
  5. These are really cool, any chance you'll be able to change the name from 'Robbit', not to keen, apart from that though it's really good, keep up the good work!
  6. Hi all, on the computer craft wiki, it says that some ICBM support had been added. I love both mods, but even on computer craft's extensive wiki, I can't find any more information, can anyone help? As well as this, can anyone offer an explanation on the computer craft plugin which adds speakers and RFID cards? -thanks
  7. you can also use a metalurgic infuser, put compressed carbon (enriched coal) in, along with iron dust from an enrichment chamber. it makes steel dust, which still requires smelting, but doesn't use anywhere near as much coal. hope this helps you some :)
  8. Alek's right, the Bunker in Yogscast is made by them. the best thing at the moment in my opinion, is the Jungle temples. Try this seed: ignoramus It spawns in front of one, and is a great starter base. It's got pistons, redstone, dispensers, chisseled stone bricks, mossy cobble, arrows, iron, levers AND, it looks awesome. Hope this works if you try it.
  9. Hi all, been posting quite a bit on the new 1.1.4 update, anyways, a while ago Calclavia posted somewhere a screenshot of an MFFS update he said he'd been working on with updated textures and such. Since the Wiki isn't updated very quickly, and at the moment is quite sparse, has this been implemented in 1.1.4? I don't want to update unless there are at least a couple of new features. As well as this, is it now running on MC 1.5? thanks
  10. so is there anything new, like the cold fusion reactor that was confirmed? Or is it just a buggy bug fix? not sure if I want to update or not...
  11. Sounds should load after a while (maybe up to half an hour) if all else fails, delete your resources folder and they'll re-install when you launch. Hope this helps
  12. Well. You should probably remove this post?
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