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  1. Thank you for your reply. Did you mean it ironic ? ^^ But if iam realy badly wrong than a admin can delete it. I fixed the problem with using the normal Automatic Crafting Tables, but thats maybe only a workaround.
  2. Hello, iam new and hope iam in the right Topic. Iam try to make a automatic crafting farm with Automatic Crafting Table MK2 and Crafting Logistics Pipe but iam fail already with the right configuration. I can request the items, in this situation the wooden gear, but the whole maschine start to flipping out. The wooden planks that stored in the provider chest loop between chest and Table. I watched so many Lets Play and tutorials but i cant find the problem. Pls, can you help me ? I know my english is horrible and you surly dont know what i want, thats why i attached my world. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1cg5y6fn5u5otc/Neue%20Welt1000.zip If you spawn somewhere, my house is at 534 593. Thank you very much, without your help i will stuck forever at this problem.
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