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  1. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [lockette] [essentials] Ahh. Your IGN: Gamer4433 Timezone: Pacific Standard Time. Why you want to be a mod: If Moderators have WorldEdit, I will be very useful. I'm very conductive, no doubt.. Though I probably just joined. I make a promise, that you will never regret making me a moderator, bad things I do, I will fix, but rarely I do bad things, and if I do. Well, that's never because I will make a promise that you will never regret making me a moderator. That the players need help, I shall assist in helping them, that is. If you give me just the slightest bit of chance, I will make this community wide. And I will be grateful for being a moderator. Giving me one chance, and I will fulfill your wishes come true (most of them). So just give me on chance. And I'll make the community, server, a better place. What previous experience you have had: I've been a Co-Owner on one server, they never regretted. I've been operator on 4 servers, one of them that I've been active on, I'm working on a village, a very pleasant one, indeed. I've been nothing higher than a Co-Owner. My experience is likely, suppose an Owner. a cool thing you have, or will built with tekkit, it doesn't have to be detailed, just a brief explanation. : A very large village, with purchased land plot, land moderators. And much more. As you said, it does not have to be detailed, but if you wish to hear more details, follow me in the game.